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half capacity. Distance between mats. There will be markings on the floor so you know where to stand. we will keep all doors and windows open so that the space is ventilated. floors and surfaces will be disinfected after each class. And at mysore times after each practitioner leaves their place. We will also have alcohol gel in the shala and bathrooms. Each person should bring their own material (mat, cotton mat, 2 towels, and a small cloth or paper bag to keep the mask). the minimum necessary physical adjustments will be made, and always with the own towel. By this time the practitioner should put on the mask. You can also decide not to receive adjustments (by placing some signs that we will have available on the front of your mat). teachers will always wear a mask. students can not use them while practicing, it is a personal decision, but they must use the masks the rest of the time they are in the center. in case of any symptom, refrain from attending class and keep us informed. Upon confirmation of attendance, we will send the complete measures and recommendations.

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When Alexia from Madrid Ashtanga Shala proposed me to organize the first event outside the Madrid Shala, what seemed like a crazy idea at first, little by little it turned into a wonderful adventure! We started looking for spaces on the island of Tenerife, where she would spend the whole month of December, and almost by magic, a place crossed our path that I could not describe accurately, especially if you have not been there once in your life. Mandala de Masca is … magical, I think that would be the perfect word.THANK YOU to all of you who came, and to those who were not possible, since 1 month before the event was already full.We promise to repeat in this 2018, almost certainly. Thank you Marcello and Monique for your you want to organize your Retreat in Mandala de Masca? CONTACT me: [email protected]

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The yoga center Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Tenerife with address Calle el Pilar, 30, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife located in the town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with zip code 38002 is a center for different sports activities taught in the schedules marked.practice different types of yoga, postures and balance mind body to improve your health both mentally and physically through yoga Santa Cruz de Tenerife The yoga center Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Tenerife

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Our question is: Would you go to an unqualified or inexperienced doctor? Do not gamble with your physical or mental health!  EventsOnline and in-person yoga that you do not miss yoga, either by fear or remoteness, you can connect to any class you see in the schedule, we just need your email.Book nowSchedule 2021In-person and online classes simultaneously.

With a little dedication a day the face can recover a lot of vitality. This is achieved with Facial Yoga.more…  Videos- Photos- InstagramMore Videos and Photos…  Teacher training – assistantsWe train teachers in the most authentic and traditional way.

We do not believe that teacher training courses are a good way to transmit knowledge (if it is good for the one who teaches it, since he earns a lot of money in a short time), we find pseudo-teachers who have no previous experience in their own practice.