Ayurveda madrid


Shiatsu massage and Ayurveda medicine are found in this center to achieve the benefits of both treatments. In Clínica Shiatsu they offer us a solution to the bad times of stress that we sometimes live with a variety of oriental massages inspired by this ancient tradition. This can be a problem if physiological symptoms are triggered in our body as a result of anxiety. And this is where Clínica Shiatsu comes in, they will help us to regulate the nervous system so that we do not suffer again due to stress.

Ayurvedic medicine tells us that achieving equality between body and mind is fundamental to find true health. This millenary science has to be understood as a philosophy and that is the goal of Ayurvedic Massages Madrid, another of the best Ayurveda medicine centers in Madrid, also in this center they know that food is part of our welfare, for that reason they help us learn to eat in a healthy and balanced way to achieve balance between mind and body.

Doshic constitution

I am very purist and very traditional, just like in my yoga practice, and I saw that this was the school that could be more related to the university structure as I understand it, with the advantage of native teachers.

I liked this one because they offered native teachers, which is real, because I have been able to verify it now. And I loved the idea that it was straight from them, from the books, from the Vedas.  It’s much cleaner and purer.

I wholeheartedly recommend studying at the School. The classes are very practical, very enjoyable and we simulate many real situations. And that is a luxury, because you receive information that you can apply when you leave the class.

I think it is a learning process that has been almost personalized. The groups are quite small and, apart from that, they are practical.  I am very happy and satisfied with the result, compared to what I expected.

Here you go directly to treat something specific, everything is connected, everything is related, every part of the body with the energy, with everything. So, it was something so complete, so holistic, that I said: this is the school.

Ayurveda total test

In the first consultation a complete evaluation of your health is made. You fill out a questionnaire with your history including diet, exercise, rest, tastes, preferences and Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques are used. The most important of these techniques is the reading or assessment of the Ayurvedic pulse -Nadi Vigyam- which offers many health benefits, it helps us to know the degree of mind-body balance and to detect any imbalance, even if it has not manifested as a disease.

Diet is the key to both prevention and treatment of any disease. Diet recommendations are personalized in order to provide nutrition to the body and to help eliminate the imbalances that are the basis of the disease. In the consultations you will also get information on how to prepare healthy meals.

Ayurvedic plants are recommended to nourish and balance specific areas of our body, but their most important function is to enliven the internal intelligence of the body, responsible for balancing and healing it.

What is ayurveda

Dr. Sreelal Sankar was born in the family of a traditional Ayurveda teacher in Kerala. Apart from clinical practice, due to his analytical approach, he is interested in applying new technologies in Ayurveda. He did his post graduate work in bioinformatics.

Dr. Poornima Sreelal is a leading Ayurvedic dietary consultant. She comes from the family of a traditionalist. After her graduation in Ayurveda, she specialized in clinical nutrition and dietetics. She works in applied nutrition for healing purposes.