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Los acantilados de Taveret y el embalse de Sau son uno de los lugares más insólitos y bellos de Cataluña. Al mismo tiempo, no es de fácil acceso. Llegamos por la tarde para ver la puesta de sol. Pero se puede venir a cualquier hora del día, por la mañana es incluso mejor. Hay un camino de tierra hasta el final de los acantilados, porque allí se encuentra un pequeño albergue Casa Virupa, pero está cerrado durante el día. En la entrada al pueblo de Tavertet hay una barrera y un aparcamiento de pago (N 41 59,850 E 2 25,086), donde los turistas dejan los coches. La distancia desde el aparcamiento hasta el borde de los acantilados es de unos 3,5 kilómetros. Si se llega temprano por la mañana, la barrera estará abierta y se podrá conducir.El pueblo en sí también es hermoso, todas las casas están construidas con materiales naturales y locales. La principal atracción es la iglesia del siglo XII – San Cristófol.Cerca del inicio de la pista hay un mirador equipado, pero nos lo perdimos, ya que las vistas sobre el embalse son mucho más pintorescas.

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This establishment is located in the town of Sitges, in the province of Barcelona. Its proximity to the beach of Sitges makes this place ideal for a vacation near the sea with family or friends.

It has all kinds of facilities, from bar, parking area to swimming pools. As for accommodation we have several bungalows that can be of 3 types: superior bungalow, one-bedroom bungalow and 2-bedroom bungalow. The first one has:

This bungalow has an attic room with beamed ceilings and 2 single beds and a window to the outside. It also has a bedroom with a double bed. It has a living room with matching sofas and tables and a full kitchen in the same room.

This coastal town is one of the fashionable areas of the coast of Barcelona, so here we will find all kinds of leisure activities which includes both outdoor activities such as cultural activities, gastronomic, etc.. Among the cultural activities we recommend a visit to the Maricel Palace Museum, an essential palatial house in Sitges.

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Coromina proposes dishes with few ingredients, which seem to point in the direction of Nordic minimalism and kaiseki tradition. He emphasizes textures, crunchy or soft, and moves in different flavor registers, from sweet and sour to more neutral.

The surprises continue with a dish of beans, peach and almond, refreshing and in the path of acid and crunchy, which contrasts with the neutral and soft of the previous dish and with the unctuous of the next one: charcoal-roasted beets, served on a cured egg yolk and wrapped with a thin slice of bacon. The success is resounding and the dish is tasty and atavistic.

Then comes a more or less canonical rice – fortunately nothing is canonical here – with boletus: “Actually they are not boletus, they are a type of boletus that is caught around here, but I don’t know the exact name”, says Coromina. It is a rice with an intense flavor, prepared without sofrito, whose sapid power is due to the water of the mushrooms, which are wonderful.

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