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Desde Lesaka, esta ruta relativamente corta discurre por lo alto del valle del río Bidasoa antes de ascender suavemente a través de bosques por una zona poco poblada de caseríos dispersos y verdes paisajes montañosos hasta la cresta fronteriza entre el pueblo vasco francés de Sara y Etxalar en el lado navarro. Aquí se encuentran las antiguas torres de caza y las redes de Palomeras/Usategieta, utilizadas desde antaño para capturar las aves que migran hacia el sur por los Pirineos. Desde aquí, un bonito descenso a través de un antiguo bosque de robles y otros árboles nos lleva al que muchos consideran el mejor conservado de todos los pueblos de la región: Etxalar, famoso por su imponente iglesia y su cementerio con lápidas discoidales tradicionales vascas.

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Etxalar is an incredible town and municipality, with a state of preservation like few others. In fact, the enhancement of all its traditional architecture makes it never miss in the lists of the most beautiful villages of Navarra, having even been awarded the National Tourism Award. And that despite having less than 1000 inhabitants.

In fact, despite its small size, it is a traditional destination in the Navarrese tourist circuit. Thanks to this well-kept heritage and a more than surprising nature, in Lesaka you will find very good places to sleep and even a gastronomic offer full of surprises. We ate there some pintxos and raciones (tapas) and we were really delighted, to be honest.

Water has always been abundant in Etxalar, so in the riverbed there have been different mills throughout history. Today there are two of reference: the Molino del Medio, preserved to the thousand wonders in the center of town; and the Molino de Abajo; in a state of ruin but also very nice.

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The waiting group makes up the first block of students among the fifty or so attending the weekly sessions, who draw an imaginary bridge over the turbulent waters of the lack of communication that drown one of their neighbors. «We realize with Ainara that we don’t communicate like with the rest. You call her ‘Ainara, Ainara…’ and if she doesn’t see you, she doesn’t respond. Diversity is a nice word, but it has to be put into practice. You have to live it day by day». The reflection corresponds to her aunt Ainhoa Berrueta Arburua who, together with her mother and Ainara’s grandmother -amatxi in the Basque language spoken in Baztan-Bidasoa- have been coming since September to learn a code of gestures to shorten the distance of the hearing limitation.

The point is that adults want to maintain this direct connection with her, without the need to turn to their children -as is the case of Aitziber Gorrotxategi Zubizarreta, member of the Apyma-, so that they can act as mediators.

The dice fall on a kind of goose game, dotted with colored pieces. The token advances toward a square representing a melting pot of shades. With no time to lose, driven by her own emotion, Ainara reviews them all aloud one by one. A wasp flutters, at that moment, in the attic converted into a multipurpose room of the Casa de Cultura, without the adult students noticing its presence, concentrated as they are in reviewing and incorporating new knowledge. The person in charge of increasing their knowledge has her mouth covered with a transparent mask, which reveals her facial expressions with each explanation given.