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In the almost total darkness, you can hear them before you can see them… They are millions of cockroaches that live, scurry and flit among wooden boards as they devour tons of food scraps, in a new form of urban waste disposal.

On the outskirts of Jinan, capital of the eastern province of Shandong (China), one billion cockroaches are fattened on organic matter from food scraps; with a daily average of 50 tons (equivalent in weight to seven adult elephants) of products that would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators.

The waste to be turned into cockroach food arrives before dawn at Shandong Qiaobin Agricultural Technology Co’s plant, where the insects are fed through a network of pipes.

China’s sprawling cities are generating more food waste than they can accommodate in landfills, and cockroaches could be one way to dispose of this large amount of food scraps, providing nutritious food for livestock when the insects eventually die and, some say, cures for stomach ailments and beauty treatments.

how to prepare achiote paste (onoto)/ lepicurien zambrano

CELAN organized a cultural day in Zaragoza on December 15, with a visit to two exhibitions: «This is not a poster of Isidro Ferrer», at the Paraninfo, guided by the author himself, a CELAN collaborator, who makes the covers of the Revista de Andorra, and «Pablo Serrano, portrait painter portrayed», at the IAAC Pablo Serrano, curated by Maria Luisa Grau, a CELAN member, who guided the visit.

When I wrote the news about the opening, I said: Why does Isidro almost always wear a cap? Maybe it’s because ideas come to him in spurts and it’s a way to keep them from evaporating and disappearing. «This is not a poster by Isidro Ferrer» is an exercise in discovery, smiles and genius. I reaffirm this assessment and it has been a pleasure to enjoy all these ideas that are embodied in objects and then in posters…

«A cielo abierto», a poster for a personal exhibition, uses the pencil as a working instrument that connects our way of acting with a support, with the brain. The staircase has a symbolic value: ascent, ascent, which is linked to the Judeo-Christian perception of existence, a vertical perception in which the good is at the top… it allows Isidro to ascend in vitality, knowledge and to get to where he wants to go.

top 10 tonymoly (with noe19rammstein)

Even so, at Roseta they do not give up experimenting with ingredients, taking a step towards the avant-garde with original starters such as eggplant chips with rosemary honey and creamy goat cheese. On the more traditional side they have proposals such as the rich homemade Russian salad with red shrimp.

The main courses concentrate the flavor of top quality meat. This is where the presence of products from local suppliers that make up Roseta’s menu is really noticeable. The homemade beef burger with Manchego cheese and fries and the steak tartar with pickle ice cream are a must, a sure bet for carnivores!

*my morning routine* (korean routine)

A country wedding is not the same as a farm wedding. Farm weddings are the new bridal revolution on social media (there are pages and Pinterest boards dedicated exclusively to them), and one of our favorite trends when it comes to decorating spaces or choosing environments that are out of the norm and transport guests to a 100% country setting. The starting point? From distributing fruit corners instead of the usual candy bar, to renting a barn or even a ranch to accommodate the ceremony and dinner.

Whatever the case may be, there are classics that do not fail and that allow to give homogeneity to the decoration whether it is one or the other type of space. Suspended decoration is one of them: banners, pompoms, plumes of flowers hanging from the ceiling, paper lamps and especially LED lighting networks, very effective in enclosed spaces with high ceilings. Make sure the space has an electric generator, as well as enough meters of cable to illuminate every corner.