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We help you to know yourself, discover and strengthen your resources, increase your emotional intelligence, learn to manage changes and present or past situations, achieve your goals and learn to live your emotions in a healthy way.

Through the present moment, self-knowledge and emotional management, Gestalt therapy provides a space to transform the difficulties that keep us away from our natural state of well-being.

If you need to resolve a particular situation or make changes in your life, professional advice will be key to find the right tools to overcome both the current difficulty and those that arise throughout life.

A correct management of these circumstances and the emotions they generate is fundamental to be able to go through them in the most conscious and healthy way possible, thus avoiding that they remain open and are the origin of permanent discomfort or future conflicts.

Coaching transports you from where you are to where you want to be. It is a discipline aimed at achieving significant personal and professional goals, which allows you to increase your self-knowledge and improve your quality of life. It helps to discover, enhance and use one’s own resources, as well as to reveal new skills and use them effectively.

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We encourage you to get to know us, our project, our energy and our Gestalt training. We encourage you to make a qualitative leap in the quality of your communication and your contact with yourself, with people and with the world. A way, an attitude, a philosophy for your life.

Gestalt Therapy reaches deeply into the cognitive, emotional, behavioral and bodily levels. It emphasizes presence, responsibility, the development of intuition, as well as awareness and creativity through personal and relational work.

The student, beyond acquiring the techniques and skills necessary to become a Gestalt therapist, goes through a powerful process of self-knowledge and personal transformation. Without forgetting that it is rather a way of living, Gestalt Therapy leads us towards the reestablishment of the consciousness of being and to greater freedom and creativity.

To be a therapist from the point of view of the Chilean psychiatrist Dr. Claudio Naranjo, means to develop the natural quality that the human being has to help others. The capacity to help others is based on our experiences of love, on our capacity to «be» with others, to listen and to develop our intuition to understand where others are and what is happening to them.

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The Institute is dedicated to our Mentor CLAUDIO NARANJO, our school has as a value the human quality and experience of our professionals, for more personalized information you can request a free interview.

The Institut Integratiu, is based on the work of Claudio Naranjo, teacher and mentor, to whom we dedicate the center. Our team of teachers of the highest level and international experience, has a great professional trajectory in the different areas of specialization, most of them coming from the SAT Program.

Located in Barcelona city, our center offers both training and monographic workshops, and a wide range of activities and services from our different areas: therapeutic -group therapy, individual and supervision-, health, meditation and social.

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La terapia Gestalt fue desarrollada por Fritz Perls, su esposa, Laura Perls y Paul Goodman en los años 40. Es una forma de terapia experiencial y humanista, originalmente diseñada como una alternativa al psicoanálisis convencional. La palabra Gestalt viene del alemán y significa forma, figura, conjunto.

Es una terapia centrada en la persona y hace hincapié en la aceptación incondicional del cliente por parte del terapeuta y en el uso de la empatía. También reconoce que no hay nadie que sea 100% objetivo, ni siquiera el terapeuta, que también está influenciado por su contexto y sus experiencias. El contexto de la persona afectará a la experiencia, por lo que comprender el contexto es vital para entender al cliente. La terapia Gestalt ayuda al cliente a pasar de la manipulación del entorno en busca de apoyo, al autoapoyo. También ayuda al cliente a reintegrar todas las partes repudiadas de su personalidad; todos aquellos aspectos de uno mismo que han sido proyectados en otros porque sentimos que no forman parte de lo que somos.

Te proporcionaré un entorno seguro en el que podrás visualizar y controlar aquellos aspectos de ti mismo o de tu vida que ya no parecen estar en sintonía. Trabajaremos juntos y te ayudaré a tomar conciencia para identificar lo que puede estar frenando y evitando que te conviertas en la mejor versión de ti mismo. La confidencialidad será la base de nuestra confianza y respeto mutuos.