Catalan, son of Andalusian parents. As a result of the death of several people close to him due to cancer, he begins to question the root of this disease. And knowing their stories, he realizes that all of them were linked to dramatic situations. He decided to quit his job, when he discovered in a training with Enric Corbera, that there is indeed a link between the psyche and the so-called «diseases». From then on, she decided to embark on the adventure of making known to the world; Bio-neuroemotion® and the great discovery of Dr. Hamer; The 5 biological laws of nature.

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The advantage of this method is that it does not try to replace anything, that is, if you do well with allopathic medicine you can continue with it, if you prefer the alternatives, perfect, or homeopathy or you like to meditate, do Yoga, etc … You can continue, since the BNE is a complement, a help, an awareness, so that what you did not see a solution for before (whether disease, symptom, phobia, behavior …) now begins to heal.

It is about listening to what our body is telling us with that symptom, learning to translate and understand its messages in order to find solutions. It is to go beyond the scientific or mental explanation, it is to return to our origins and understand the biological meaning of the disease,

In summary, the essence of BNE is that we become aware that if you are coherent between what you think, what you say and what you do, everything will be fine, and that any disease or conflict has originated in a moment of incoherence or what is more common in many incoherencies maintained over time.