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Este libro trata sobre la gestión global de la creatividad y los procesos de innovación relacionados, y examina cómo las empresas, organizaciones e instituciones pueden fomentar la transformación de una idea creativa hasta su ejecución exitosa y su difusión global. Su tema principal es explorar las i…mplicaciones de una economía creativa globalizada para los directivos, basándose tanto en principios económicos como en un contexto empresarial internacional. El objetivo del libro es ofrecer un marco claro para analizar la creatividad en las organizaciones en un contexto internacional, y señalar los elementos clave importantes que deben seguirse. El volumen, que reúne a destacados especialistas en economía y gestión de la innovación y la creatividad, ofrece material empírico y teórico para directivos, estudiantes y académicos.Leer más

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I was always looking for how to strengthen my discipline and that made me train with the closest to the source in each of them.  That is why I like to transmit in each training everything without detours and in a practical and integrative way.

We go a step further in the different fields that gives us the integrative vision of Functional Neurology, Applied Kinesiology, Psychoneuroimmunology, Psychosomatics, Trauma Reprocessing and High Performance Sports Training.extensive experience, training and teaching in:

You will learn to integrate those reflexes that are the sustenance of all emotions, behaviors, postures and cognitive skills that if not integrated can be the basis of any pathology or imbalance.

You will integrate a methodology to evaluate at a neurological level all nutritional, endocrine and immune system needs. Learning how and where to supplement and seeing the clinical relationship between the different fields with Manual Muscle Testing (MMT).

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Andrés, a young account auditor, lives peacefully in a block of semi-detached houses. His life is happy, until an isolated event, the death of his dog, triggers a chain of lies through which he discovers the hidden side of his daily life, starting with his wife. Mario Camus, director of famous film adaptations such as ‘La Colmena’ and ‘Los Santos Inocentes’, directed and wrote this drama, for which he won the award for best screenplay at the Montreal Festival. Antonio Valero and TV star Ana Duato are the main characters in this story that, from a simple idea, develops into an absorbing plot.