L aljara

Rural sociology congress in l’aljara

L’Aljara is surrounded by beautiful century-old oaks, majestic cork oaks, olive trees, pines, elms, gall oaks, poplars, and a large family of birds that day by day share with us this ideal space to find rest and inner peace.

Come and enjoy a few days with us and feel at home. Share with us a healthy and balanced meal, make friends, participate in your course or workshop, take a walk, read, chat or just sit, contemplate and enjoy nature.  We cook with natural ingredients to elaborate dishes where eating is an integral part of the wellbeing we aim for. We consider the cooking process as a source of creativity and enjoyment, taking care of the flavors, colors, smells, textures…

Cheb karim – al jara

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L’aljara campamentos multiaventura

Sin duda una de las mejores experiencias; nuestro primer voluntariado y nos llevamos mucho conocimiento con nosotros. Antonio, Susana y Pepe fueron los mejores anfitriones, aprendimos mucho de ello y recomendamos este lugar un 100%.

Lo que más me ha gustado es levantarme con el sol para empezar el día con mucha energía y empezar a sacar los animales gallinas, la cabra, el borro y el poni para comer, recoger higos para el desayuno de la mañana, las verduras para la comida y la cena.He disfrutado de la comunicación con los lugareños ans especialmente pepe.He conocido a otros voluntarios donde he practicado más mi español y no sólo eso hemos hecho buena conexión de compartir a la locura.

Nancy ajram – inta eyh

On November 24th we visited this farm school located in the heart of the mountains of Cordoba. It is one of the places in our environment that have not been modified by people so it is an almost virgin space that allows us to imagine how it was through the ages.

It was time to visit and feed the animals, because what would a farm be without animals! They were in an enclosure made of wood very appropriate, there were chickens, rabbits, donkey, goat … domestic animals that are almost always in our farms.

With so much adventure and work, we worked up an appetite and prepared for lunch. Next to the porch of the house, surrounded by trees and in the sunshine, they had prepared some tables for us with colorful glasses and cutlery and served us a tray with finger-licking macaroni and tomato, some pieces of chicken with salad, delicious and a yogurt. We ate everything and practically the whole gang ate like lions.