l aljara córdoba

They also worked in an organic garden where they learned the whole biological process of the plant from the moment of planting the seed to harvesting. They distinguished different types of vegetables and fruits and performed tasks such as soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation and transplanting.

They enjoyed an archeology workshop, in which they were able to learn about the work of an archeologist and learn about the different cultures that inhabited our land. All this without losing sight of the ecology and re-use of everyday items in order to obtain different goods.


The conception of this workshop is eminently holistic and transpersonal, where the metaphor of the hero as a seeker is approached through these four facets understood as own resources (some more developed than others), which are inseparable (although methodologically we work them as four components) and that aspire to the harmony of the whole and complete person.

Group dynamics is fundamental in this experience, as well as various expressive tools: painting, writing, movement and dance, role-playing, meditation, etc., which will be avenues of experimentation and self-discovery.

farm school round fountain

L’Aljara is surrounded by beautiful century-old oaks, majestic cork oaks, olive trees, pines, elms, gall oaks, poplars, and a large family of birds that day by day share with us this ideal space to find rest and inner peace.

Come and enjoy a few days with us and feel at home. Share with us a healthy and balanced meal, make friends, participate in your course or workshop, take a walk, read, chat or just sit, contemplate and enjoy nature.  We cook with natural ingredients to elaborate dishes where eating is an integral part of the wellbeing we aim for. We consider the cooking process as a source of creativity and enjoyment, taking care of the flavors, colors, smells, textures…