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Médico, especialista en Medicina del Trabajo. Larga carrera trabajando en la industria farmacéutica; primero en investigación clínica, y actualmente en farmacoeconomía y resultados en salud. Profundo apasionado del yoga y como buen Libra, eterno buscador del equilibrio. Formación en Sivananda. Posteriormente me centro en el Ashtanga yoga y tomo clases con Tomás Zorzo, Lino Miele y especialmente con Javier Castro. Actualmente acreditada como instructora de hatha y vinyasa yoga (RYT 200) por Yoga Shala Institute Marbella y miembro de la Yoga Alliance.

Entiendo el yoga como un espacio de silencio, unión y observación. Lo enseño intentando ser fiel a la tradición que ha llegado hasta nuestros días, siendo una mera transmisora.Intento recorrer un itinerario formativo (instructora en Hatha Vinyasa RYT 200h), sin embargo, mi principal fuente de conocimiento es una búsqueda constante en los textos clásicos y mis maestros de referencia. En la práctica del Hatha: de sus asanas y en esa escucha del silencio interior, experimentamos cómo se produce, lenta y persistentemente, la transformación deseada: hacia lo que ya somos.Así, aspiramos a vivir de forma sana y coherente con nuestro entorno, a desarrollar capacidades inherentes y a estar dispuestos a lo que ocurra.

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In today’s session we are going to solve one of the most common questions that arise when we start meditating which is: What is the perfect time to meditate? I sincerely hope you enjoy it and that you can release this limiting belief and move forward on your meditative path. Thank you for listening to me and letting me reach your ears every Tuesday with Medit…

Welcome to a new session of Medita Podcast, today I have prepared for you a meditation different from those we have done so far because today I invite you to meditate in front of the mirror, to really see yourself. What happens when you see yourself in the mirror? Do you see the wonderful being you are? What thoughts, feelings and emotions arise? All that …

Today we are going to release one of the most frequent limiting beliefs of meditation: Why can’t I put my mind in white? If you have been meditating for days or even months and you think that because your thoughts distract you, you are doing it wrong, this session is for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and that you can release this belief and…

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Juan Manzanera, former Buddhist monk, follower of the Dalai Lama, will give a lecture “Meditation, the quiet happiness” on September 4th at 7 pm at the Columbia Foundation, Jorge L. Borges 2020, CABA, Argentina.

When we lose our gaze in the vast ocean, when we enjoy a beautiful sunset, when we lie down on the grass to look at a beautiful tree, we experience spaces of contemplation. In this meditative state our body secretes seratonin and our parasympathetic nervous system produces a reduction of our stress reactions.

Watching closely our inhalation and exhalation for a few minutes also allows us to quiet our thoughts and worries. The mere act of taking a few deep breaths improves our oxygen intake and the release of carbon dioxide from our lungs.

With this technique, you first have to develop mindfulness. You have to develop a kind of attitude for attention, only then this technique will be possible, so every time your attention is turned on, you can experience… you can have a personal experience. Just by looking at a flower, you can experience yourself. By looking at the flower, you are not only looking at the flower, you are also looking at the one who is looking – but only if you know the secret of staying attentive.

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Meditation is a practice that remains relevant with the passing of time. The development and changes in our way of life have not been able to replace the human need to find inspiration and rest in the inner space.

Far from offering us a theoretical and distant presentation, the author continually invites us to discover what we are, and to move towards a new vision of ourselves that leads us to the happiness we desire. Quiet happiness is not the happiness promised to us by achievements, possessions or sensory experiences, it is the peace that resides continuously and silently in our true essence.

This book is a fresh and current compilation of articles on the spiritual process in general and meditation in particular. Deeply knowledgeable about Buddhist practice, the author presents some key elements of the spiritual path for daily life. In his reading, we find aspects ranging from the understanding of the mind to the deepest nature of the human being, through reflections on the role of mindfulness in life, the keys to a full and satisfying life or how to live with gratitude and harmony.