Nuria navarro

nuria navarro

Answer: I have published about 50 articles in different magazines, both local and national, and on very diverse topics: goldsmithing, embroidery, sculpture, history… I have also published a book about my Brotherhood of the Whites of Valverde and I have made several collaborations with other researchers and research groups.

Regarding the goldsmithing I would like to highlight the crown of the Virgen de los Dolores of the Hermandad de los Blancos, which is a piece of extraordinary quality and in an impeccable state of preservation. It is punched by Amat and Nicolás de Cárdenas and dates from the end of the 18th century.

Valverde was fortunate that the goldsmith Andrés Contreras resided in our town until his death and bequeathed to the Brotherhood of Los Negros works of excellence. The gold work of the paso of María Santísima de la Soledad is an authentic masterpiece of this artist.

Answer: Absolutely not. The Holy Week of Huelva, in general, is very unknown. Our geographic proximity with Seville makes that for many people it passes unnoticed and in Huelva there are brotherhoods with a “know how to be” and a “know to do” praiseworthy and with a worthy patrimony to emphasize.

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Today we interviewed Nuria Navarro, a young physics student passionate about natural therapies. She trained in Holistic Kinesiology and Reiki Level 1 at IGEM school. She was also for some time our secretary and creator of the blog vivelakine. We are very grateful for her time at the school.

The technique itself. Reiki is very nice and simple, you only need your hands and the good intention to help others. I really liked the respectful and welcoming atmosphere that was created among the students, and of course I really enjoyed learning from such a fantastic person as the teacher, Anna Anguera.

During the time I was applying the reiki self-treatment technique, I felt more vital and happy than ever. It has brought me a lot of serenity. In addition, whenever I have any discomfort (headache, stomach ache, injuries…) I do reiki and afterwards I feel much better, the discomfort almost always disappears!

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Miguel Bosé has deconfined his childhood and adolescence in a book, “El hijo del Capitán Trueno” (Espasa). And he doesn’t exactly compose a syrupy portrait. He talks about the disappointment of his father, the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín – “I was a pushover who got on his nerves”-, the background and form of the breakup of his marriage to Lucía Bosé, the subsequent economic hardship, his relationship with Picasso and the loss of his virginity. A portion of intimacy that, when the time comes to go deeper, really makes him uncomfortable.

-There was a lot of misunderstanding because I did not meet the expectations of being like him: hunter, fisherman, brute, macho. He found himself with a son who had a more Lombard, more sensitive bloodline. Over time, he realized that the son he wanted to reform had grown up and flown without ever asking him for anything. That was what dignified him.

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Experts participating in the conference on ‘Internet regulation and disinformation: the challenges of audiovisual’ have advocated this Monday for greater supervision of new audiovisual content ‘online’ to curb the spread of hoaxes, manipulation and violation of the rights of the most sensitive groups such as minors, either through legislation, verification systems or media education, including the so-called serious video games.

The president of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), Cani Fernández, explained that every minute more than 500 contents are uploaded to YouTube and that the CNMC has increased its work of monitoring vloggers, with an analysis of 700 videos and 1,500 hours of broadcasting that has revealed breaches in terms of age rating of the same, the inclusion of commercial communications or the presence of hate messages.

Faced with this audiovisual panorama, “in which it is necessary to marry the competitiveness of the digital market with the guarantee of citizens’ rights”, Cani Fernández has justified the need for supervisory bodies and for control to be extended to new content creators considered as audiovisual communication providers. Many of these streamers, he argued, have more than 30 million followers, broadcast more than three hours a day and generate significant economic activity.