Oscar argumosa

Permacultura cantabria “documentary “.

Oscar advocates that we forget that paternalistic attitude that we often have with environmental issues. It is not a question of having to save the planet, the problem is us. If we have an unsustainable society we are going to end up falling, and the most affected will be the worst adapted, the rich countries and the people with a less adapted mentality.

It is easy to foresee the consequences of oil depletion in our society: inequality, unemployment, violence, collapse of markets and governments, depression… Many of these things we are already beginning to see among us. The outlook is tough but we cannot close our eyes, we must prepare for it by putting ourselves in the worst case scenario.

Encuentro en permacultura cantabria junio 2015

Permacultura Cantabria es una organización sin ánimo de lucro, ubicada en la región de Cantabria, en el norte de España, cuyo objetivo es ofrecer nuevas alternativas para mejorar la sociedad, recuperar los valores y los referentes de una forma de vida naturalmente equilibrada.

Es el mejor y más eficaz buscador de correos electrónicos que he utilizado hasta ahora, y he probado unos cuantos. Tanto en el alcance de las búsquedas, como en el número de correos electrónicos precisos encontrados, encuentro que supera a otros. También me gusta el diseño, que es fácil de ver, más atractivo y eficiente. El resultado final es que ha sido una herramienta eficaz en mi trabajo, como organización sin ánimo de lucro que llega a los líderes.

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Oscar argumosa

In my case I was tired of working with professionals who made their work more expensive due to lack of knowledge. I needed someone trustworthy, close and with good taste to communicate a project we were working on. I had followed her trajectory in other websites and I liked her style.

I would highlight the communication without hesitation. The meetings to help me organize the web, simplicity in the organization and problem solving when we got stuck with technical problems. I would also recommend her for her elegance in her work and honesty.

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