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trust! nothing is under control, by pedro alonso da silva

In these times of fast food, programmed obsolescence, instant mail, one-click shopping, broadband and low latency, speed has imposed itself as a rising value that seems to want to rush us to a better future. In the meantime…

The time has come. The moment that many of us have been waiting for as a starting point for a true personal and global transformation is here. We have already acquired the knowledge, developed the tools, forged the will and waited patiently to…

The purpose of these meetings is to recreate the atmosphere of a get-together, a gathering of friends willing to delve into themselves and to share their findings with others without trying to convince anyone, and where discrepancy is welcome.

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As long as you manage to numb your inner pain through substances, compulsive habits, superficial relationships, and a variety of activities oriented to entertain your mind, you will not be ready to face the truth.

But there will come a day when nothing will serve to keep you escaping. When everything in which you placed your value, in the hope of being able to evade your life and change it for a better one that would make you happy, will become meaningless. And on that day, the mirages you were chasing to protect yourself from your wounds will break into a thousand pieces, like the empty shells they always were.

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Terapeuta psicoemocional. Facilitador de la Escuela del Perdón de la Asociación Conciencia (Jorge Lomar). Acompañante de Bioneuroemoción del ieBNE (Enric Corbera). Facilitador de un Curso de Milagros. En su viaje de encuentro con su SER, pasa por Un Curso de Milagros, la filosofía Advaita, y llega a lo que considera el «resumen» comprensible de todas estas enseñanzas, la filosofía de la no-dualidad se hace sencilla y se siente a través del camino del perdón (Traducción automática)

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Recognizing our vulnerability is the greatest of our strengths. The masculine energy in each one of us always tries to solve that which does not make sense, but there is nothing to find but a subject to discover the «I» that I am, the pure Presence.

And it is our feminine energy that will allow us to surrender to the emotional experience we are living without judging it and without trying to solve anything. This energy connects us with the humility of recognizing that I don’t know why or why what is happening is happening.

Pedro suggests how to get to this «I» that I am through Michael Brown’s book, The Process of Presence, a text that leads us gently and magnetically to a transformative experience, which connects us with the living radiance of the Consciousness of the Present Moment, where we find liberation, health and our innate wisdom.