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Welcome to Vinyasa, a dynamic form of Yoga that flows with the moon and dances with the sun. Californian Hot Yoga invites you to an energizing cosmic party where you will sweat until your body acquires the strength of the oak and the flexibility of the reed. Do you want to know its secret?

Every Vinyasa Yoga practice has benefits for both mind and body. Whether you are a spiritual person or a skeptic, the benefits of Yoga do not understand beliefs. Because we are going to prove it to you, even if we are labeled as pseudoscience.

During Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, the body performs a strong somatic work. So that the mind does not lose focus, it has to follow the breath smoothly, accompanying each movement with inspiration and expiration. In this way, mind and body are united like the thread to the pearls of a necklace. As soon as we alter the rhythm or try to force our anatomy, the breathing will become choppy. And, then, a mad monkey destroys the necklace.

Hot yoga madrid

Al trabajar en suspensión, el TRX fortalece todos los grupos musculares, por lo que no es necesario utilizar varias máquinas o grandes cantidades de peso para un entrenamiento completo. Esta rutina te ayudará a conseguir tono muscular y fuerza física, además de aumentar tu flexibilidad y equilibrio.

El HIIT, o entrenamiento a intervalos de alta intensidad, es una técnica de entrenamiento en la que se realiza un esfuerzo total, al cien por cien, mediante ráfagas rápidas e intensas de ejercicio, seguidas de periodos cortos, a veces activos, de recuperación. Este tipo de entrenamiento eleva y mantiene el ritmo cardíaco.

Clase de movilidad articular dinámica en la que aprenderás movimientos de diferentes disciplinas como el yoga, las MMA, la capoeira, que sirven para construir secuencias de movimientos en las que tu cuerpo fluye.

El CORE es el lugar donde se estabilizan y transmiten las fuerzas generadas tanto por las piernas como por los brazos, su entrenamiento será un elemento clave para mejorar el rendimiento de la mayoría de las actividades de la vida cotidiana, laboral y deportiva, así como un elemento imprescindible para la progresión en los ejercicios.


In Power Yoga we work with a series of intense and different asanas each class, it is a dynamic class so it includes the practice of Vinyasa, it is a practice designed to improve our physical and mental endurance.

Aimed at: People with experience in yoga and who wish to improve their practice with physical and mental discipline. It is not recommended to practice during pregnancy.Age:All ages.Previous experience:Yes.Recommendations: In case of any injury or previous discomfort inform the teacher and adapt the practice to your possibilities. Do not eat 2 to 3 hours before practice, dress comfortably, bring a blanket to cover yourself, cushion to improve meditation posture.

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Do you want to improve your health and quality of life? The Power Yoga course will allow you to do so because it is a physically strong practice with which you will detoxify your body and strengthen your mind. The Power Yoga classes will be held at the City Yoga center in Madrid where you can choose whether to take them for a whole four-month period or one or two per week. With this new oriental practice you will be able to develop your body’s flexibility, strength, vitality and at the same time you will be able to relax and endow your mind with spirituality.

The practice begins with a warm-up followed by the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Sun Salutations, continues with standing and balancing postures, seated postures (forward bends, back bends and twists), inversions and ends with a guided relaxation.