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The Tara Verde Natural Center aims at the well-being of the person, balancing body and mind. Therapies offered: Reiki, regressive therapy, psychomusic therapy, metamorphic massage, preparing the nest, Atlantean massage, tarot therapy, emotional writing, Akashic Records reading.

Helping in the healthy state of people. We work on emotional well-being, pain management, eating disorders and many other health related conditions.

Medical Degree, Prof. at the Faculty of Medicine and Master in Acupuncture. Physical and emotional pathologies: arthrosis, obesity, lifting, stress, neuralgias, depression, etc. Elite athletes.

School of Reiki and Spiritual Coaching. They promote the use of Reiki as a technique to achieve complete happiness and a balance between body and mind. They also use other techniques related to alternative medicine.

Specialist in alternative medicine therapies. Offers Reiki and Arolo treatments, as well as Tarot reading and the use of other energetic techniques for the healing of ailments in the body.

óscar bono – reiki and bach flower remedies

A hundred volunteers bring this oriental therapy, complementary to traditional medicine, to hospitals and patient groups. The number of followers of this practice, which is applied with the hands, is growing.

Reiki. Whoever thinks that this word sounds Chinese is not too far off the mark. It is a Japanese word. Rei means universal and refers to the scope and nature of this practice, and ki means energy, so the word Reiki can be understood as the universal vital energy. It is actually a complementary technique to traditional medicine, which helps the patient in the acceptance of the disease, relieves pain and mitigates problems such as insomnia.

Together in the Aragonese Association Reiki for All, about a hundred people in Zaragoza are dedicated, voluntarily and altruistically, to take Reiki to Aragonese hospitals – they have already trained more than 250 health professionals in Zaragoza centers – and to different groups and assistance centers. The practice of Reiki is based on an emitter or channel who, through his hands, transmits vital energy to a receiver, in order to alleviate discomfort and illness.

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The Reiki for all Association has organized this initial course that will take place on March 30, from 10 to 15 hours, in Don Jaime street, 9. The price is 50 euros. If you want more information you can send an email to [email protected]

Estela Millán, founder of Reiki for all, will give the conference «Positive thinking», on Thursday, November 7 at 5 pm, at the headquarters of AECC (C/ Rebolería, 20-22 Zaragoza). This conference is part of the cycle «Emotional intelligence for the day to day».

The Aragonese Association Reiki for all has organized new courses to be held in the coming weeks. The workshops range from Reiki I and II, to fear management and Relaxation and visualization. Please find attached the calendar. You can find more information at [email protected]

Reiki for all sent us information about the next Bio-Food workshop they are going to present. Learn how to combine foods correctly. You can’t miss it, knowing how to feed yourself is a way to show love to yourself!

metropolitan – welcome to the club

Reiki is a Japanese technique of laying on of hands through which we channel energy through our bodies. It brings tranquility, provides wellness and harmony, combats stress, among many other benefits…

Reiki is a healing discipline, which helps to find a balance between body and mind, promoting energy flow. Thus, it can combat many different problems. Among them is anxiety, a very typical inconvenience of this time.

Reiki is a discipline that helps a lot against various problems. To combat depression, it can also give good results. It is an integrative practice, which works on the energy in body and mind.