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William C.C.Chen The ten essential points of Yang Cheng Fu, the tai chi master who preserved the martial legacy of the Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan:I.Suspend the head from the sky and keep it straight.II.Sink the chest and lift the upper back.III.Release the waist.IV.Distinguish between solidity and emptiness.V.Drop the shoulders and sink the elbows.VI.Apply intention (mind… YI… not force.VII.Coordinate the movements.VII. V.Drop the shoulders and sink the elbows.VI.Apply the intention (mind… YI) not force.VII.Coordinate the movements of the upper and lower body.VIII.Unify the internal and external movements.IX.Maintain absolute continuity in the movements.X.Seek serenity in the action.

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Welcome to the ultimate guide you need to give yourself a break, reflect and change your lifestyle. If you are reading this is because you want to learn tai chi and practice it more or less regularly; it may be because you have tried yoga, meditation or even chi kung and now you are interested in this ancient martial art. Because what is tai chi? It is a martial art of Chinese origin that is widely spread in the culture of the country and practiced by people of all ages, since it also has therapeutic nuances. You may be familiar with the legend of Taoist Zhang Sang Feng, who witnessed a fight between a crane and a snake in which the latter was able to dodge all the movements of the former. Witnessing such coordination and balance inspired the character in this story to develop taichi.

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Taichi is an ancient martial art created in its beginnings as preventive medicine. The classes are 1hour and 30m and we are located in sevilla este. c/ Doctor hermossilla molina block 1 local 2.

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I will initiate you in this internal martial art, you will learn and practice sequences of movements or “forms”. Guiding my student, who will adopt certain postures to pass harmoniously to others, until completing a sequence of 24 Movements in the Initiation level and 78 Movements in Advanced level. The forms have poetic names such as “The white crane spreads its wings”, or “Separate the mane of the wild horse”.

II. CHIKUNG exercises. In it we will practice diaphragmatic-abdominal breathing, which we will use in our Taichi practice and we will cultivate our Chi (our Energy). In this way we will alternate two very effective systems: Ba duan Ji (the 8 Jewels) and Wu Qin Xi (The Game of the 5 animals).