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The purpose of the Dan Tian center is to offer you a space in which to practice and study healthy disciplines. We live in an environment in which the demand for activities such as those we present in our center is constantly increasing. In a society characterized by the rush, the use of productive time, and…

Juan Antonio de Blas was trained at the School of Master Pedro Rico; one of the most renowned Sifus in Europe, a specialist in Kung Fu Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan, the highest representative in Europe of the Plum Blossom International Federation, chaired by Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong. After passing through…

In our center, we focus in a very particular way in the Chi Kung of Taoist orientation; and, very specially in the Chi Kung of the Luohan system, or Luohan Gong. If you want to know more, you can contact us, and we will solve your doubts. Chi, or Qi, means energy; and Kung, or Gong, can be translated as…

Practicing Meditation brings balance and serenity; it helps to eliminate psychological and emotional tension and leads to a new and broader perspective of one’s own criteria. In our school we approach the work on Meditation from a point of view rooted in the Buddhist and Taoist traditions, trying to take care of and preserve these methods…

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The list of courses and workshops that appear in the Civic Centers are organized by the different Social Entities and Municipal Services that have participated in the call for Stable Activities 2021-2022.

In the courses and workshops in which the data of the Organizing Entity does not appear for registration, please contact the Civic Center where you want to perform the activity, where the contact of the Organizing Municipal Entity or Service will be provided.

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With the premise of being a low impact class, it develops flexibility and strength through mobility exercises, balance, coordination and other varied work that will make this activity one of the most dynamic and efficient to achieve our goals. It is the ideal activity for people who are new to physical exercise for the first time, those who are returning after periods of inactivity or those who are recovering from an injury.