how is a tantric and orgasmic touch?

Tantric sex is just a part of this philosophy that not only pays attention to the genitals, but to all parts of the body. It is focused on the sexual energy of the individual to reach ecstasy. There is no superiority of one sex over another and no distinction between beautiful and ugly, or good and evil.

Tantra says that to enjoy life to the fullest one must accept oneself and others as they are. The same applies to sex. We must be aware of our virtues and defects. We must put in it the five senses, otherwise we will not achieve maximum pleasure. Another key is the balance and harmony between the two people.

Breathing is very important in this phase, which must be synchronized. The objective is to relax the bodies and achieve a greater connection between the two. Excitation should be progressive and an orgasm different from intercourse can be felt.

In the stimulation of the penis, when it approaches the point of no return, instead of stopping the stimulation, hold your breath and tighten the muscles. In this way, orgasm is reached without ejaculation.

how to practice tantric sex – sex tips

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Tantra is an esoteric tradition based on the desire to achieve spiritual realization. The term can be translated as “loom”, “weave” or “warp”, as it refers to a continuity.

Hinduism, for its part, emphasizes that masculine and feminine energies are integrated through tantra, obtaining total pleasure and reaching elevation. The relaxation and breathing techniques linked to tantra that are applied to eroticism are known as tantric sex.

In the Western world, tantra is usually associated with sexual practices that seek a better use of energy. Experts speak of neotantra to refer to this current that is based on sexual union and neglects spiritual aspects.

As with yoga and other ancient practices, the Westernized version of tantra loses spiritual relevance and depth and is more associated with the body than with religion. Many see tantra as a technique to improve sexual life and nothing more.