Yoga caceres

Yoga & meditation retreat in lalita devi (cáceres) nov 2019

Imagine a few days in solitude in a rural accommodation in the middle of nature, meditating, praying or simply finding ourselves again. Of course, with the cell phone turned off and with a healthy but appetizing diet. All this and much more…

We give less and less importance to the act of eating: we eat in a hurry, sometimes working and often watching our cell phones or television. This has a negative impact on both our physical and emotional health.  Sofía López Cifuentes, nutritionist and…

Artistic yoga, sports artistic yoga single by yoga teacher

We face the inevitable, something that does not depend on us, but at the same time it does depend on us… And this “yes” is what makes the difference! Our attitude. Our readiness to change. Our flexibility. Our ability to adapt to different realities and to have to live one of them…without being able to escape.

And it is now that taking care of oneself costs a lifetime, when it feels like giving it all up, and it is precisely now that taking care of oneself becomes the most important thing again. The whole crisis will pass, but how we will get out of it depends only on us. And this is what makes the difference: how we treat ourselves.

There are many constructive tools, and I propose you one of them which is yoga. Our practice on the mat is a reflection of our life, with all its ups, downs, achievements and disappointments, with the uphill and downhill, with what we love and enjoy and what we hate and avoid. Getting on the mat is like signing the contract of well-being with oneself, forming a resolution to be well, to try, to experiment, to discover, to believe in oneself, to love – yes, yes – to love….

Paula trigo copa de españa de patinaje freestyle cáceres

Nos encontramos en la histórica ciudad de Trujillo, en la cima de una colina, en Extremadura, la región menos poblada y más virgen de España. Rica en flora y fauna autóctonas, muchas de ellas protegidas en parques nacionales, la región también cuenta con el aire más limpio de Europa Occidental.

Ofrecemos retiros de yoga y meditación solos y en combinación con actividades terapéuticas, deportivas y culturales. Nuestros retiros incluyen yoga para el cuidado de la espalda y el cuello, yoga para la salud cardiorrespiratoria y yoga con caminatas, arte y cocina vegetariana.

Get up and dance! cha cha session led by cecilia l. cáceres

This millenary discipline is one of the best systems of integral care that exist. In yoga, body, mind and spirit are strengthened and serene with the practice of asanas, breathing and meditation.

Doing yoga regularly provides energy and improves health, strengthens and stretches the muscles of the whole body, correcting postural problems and preventing back and joint pathologies.

Practicing yoga will not only change our body, but also our energy, it will help us to be more aware of ourselves, to discover many things that have to do with our soul, to take care of our body in a healthy way, to acquire calm and serenity.

The asanas produce powerful stretching and tone the muscles, also activate the lymphatic system, the glands, oxygenate the blood, massage and help drain the internal organs, and many other physical benefits, but even being therapeutically wonderful, that is not the purpose of the asanas or yoga, yoga seeks through the apparently known (the body), to control the unknown (the mind), whose misuse is the main cause of unhappiness.