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Shared family timeNourishes and strengthens emotional ties through quality time enjoyed in family.Psychomotor and coordinationInvites to discover, experience and acquire psychomotor skills and abilities, promoting control and coordination of the body.AffectivityDeepens fundamental emotional aspects that enhance self-confidence and self-confidence.Intellectual restlessnessArouses curiosity that helps to acquire new knowledge, to reason and to be critical.

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The yoga center Centro yoga Lleida with address Baro de Maials 16, altillo G, 25005 Lérida located in the town of Lleida with postal code 25005 are performed various sports activities taught in the schedules marked.practice different types of yoga, postures and balance mind body to improve your health both mentally and physically through yoga Lleida The yoga center Yoga center Centro yoga Lleida

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To program, direct and dynamize yoga instruction activities according to the guidelines established in the reference program, with specific techniques and postures, aimed at all types of practitioners and adapting them to their needs, to care for and improve the body, increase the perception of well-being and promote personal fulfillment, in conditions of safety and with the level of quality of service to achieve the satisfaction of the practitioners.

At the beginning of the training module, the teacher informs the students of the objective of the module, the planned didactic program and the evaluation criteria. In this way the students can know, at each moment, in which learning sequence they are.

The evaluation of the students will be carried out, in a systematic and continuous way, by modules and, where appropriate, by training units to check the learning results and, consequently, the acquisition of professional competences.

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Yoga is a different approach to physical work. It allows you to enter into a world of your own internal and revealing experiences and sensations through the integral work of the body, uniting body – mind – spirit.

In these classes you will work the different techniques of yoga: breathing, stretching, mantras, visualizations, meditations, postures, dances … to stimulate the release of blocked energy, and create an internal flow that promotes health and physical, mental and emotional well-being.

In the classes we will talk about breathing, connecting, integrating, energy, chakras, roots, empowerment, consciousness, release, surrender, vibration … and many more words that will help you to deepen the wisdom it gives to the body and its emotions.

With yoga you will improve your physical shape and at the same time you will get some peace of mind. The union of body, breath, mental attention and a positive attitude in the class will make body and mind respond more healthily.