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These are the regular practice classes of Hatha Yoga. A type of balanced yoga in which physical aspects are combined, as well as concentration and relaxation techniques; being one of the most practiced and affordable styles of yoga for anyone, it also allows a great evolution, since for a long time you can advance and improve in your practice.

Being that it is not a “mental yoga”, many skills of the mind are worked, mainly attention and concentration, with the objective of learning to manage thoughts and build a balanced mentality.

These sessions are 75 minutes long and all of them will work on fundamental aspects of Hatha Yoga such as: different types of breathing (pranayamas), physical exercises or postures (asanas) and relaxation and concentration techniques.

The people to whom these classes are directed are those who want to start practicing yoga, those who have any physical, mental or emotional pathology, and people who for their life circumstances need a gentle and fully guided practice.

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The yoga center Escuela de yoga Soria with address Calle Tejera, 22, 42001 Soria located in the town of Soria with postal code 42001 different sports activities are carried out in the marked schedules.practice different types of yoga, postures and balance mind body to improve your health both mentally and physically through yoga Soria The yoga center Escuela de yoga Soria

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Kundalini yoga is a physical, spiritual and mental discipline that is based on other yoga modalities, all of them coming from the pillars of the Sanskrit text Yoga sutra. Kundalini yoga is very similar to laia yoga, both are based on the development of the kundalini shakti energy. This energy is defined by some Hinduists as a mysterious power that resides within the human being and must be united with the Shiva, located in the crown chakra at the top of the head.